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Drumpf Garners Award

May 27, 2016

Not to be outdone by the American Sociopathic Society (ASS)’s “Predator Prize,” the American pSychopathic Society (ApSS) has established its International Amorality Award, for superior inability to distinguish randomly impulsive self-serving brain activity from external reality, and restrain oneself.

The inaugural winner of the IA2, announced on May 4, 2016, is the towering billionaire businessman and President of the United States, Drumpf (aka Donald Trump) (aka Abraham Lincoln) (aka Jesus Christ) (aka Attila the Hun) (aka Darth Vader) (aka Amygdalian Ego) (aka God’s Gift to Women) (aka Hero of the Proletariat) (aka Hair Trompf).

Drumpf was nominated by the Chairman of the Awards Committee, Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana (Rep), who said, in part, “as an evangelical fundamentalist opportunist, I originally supported the Messiah, Ted Cruz, but when Drumpf won my party’s Indiana primary yesterday, I saw the light.”

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