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Wot’s It All About, B, H, & D? (3)

May 21, 2016

But “what if” the important thing about Drumpf voters is not that they are rabidly sexist, racist, and therefore gullible (though many are), but that they are economically hurting, insecure, fearful, and angry? They are in trouble. They feel betrayed, ignored, rendered powerless, forgotten.

Drumpf has already broken W’s record for Republican primary turnout. That’s a lot of persons, including many who usually wouldn’t even be paying attention until August! Is it their sexism and racism that has so strongly motivated them?

Many of them are indeed blinded by obsessive, self-destructive S&R (or else they would be supporting Bernie); but they understand that they have been betrayed and exploited by the super wealthy and by the owners and leaders of both of the major political parties.  Political deals have been made that trick, rob, and degrade them.  They believe that Drumpf can conquer the Republican Party and use it to give them the opportunity to express, defend, and re-assert themselves, triumphantly.  He’s on their side.

My thought’s a “what if” because I don’t have scientific evidence to substantiate my impression; but what if their acting out (and the violent are only a fraction of the Drumpfites) is foolish, but is not what this is all about? Then Drumpf voters deserve our respectful attention as suffering persons. Their sexism and racism do not negate their suffering, revoke their citizenship, or disqualify them for compassion.  When Bernie says that he’ll “be damned” if he’ll allow Americans of the working class to be exploited by a President Drumpf, he’s including eg the “Reagan Democrats” in PA whom the Democratic party should have fought for (defended them and attracted their support) instead of abandoning them, in order to attract the support of the “rich and famous” of whom Reagan was The Benefactor.

[Update 5-31:  here’s a description of what we’re up against; lots of trump voters already know this, and they believe that by supporting Trump they are protesting in a way that maybe is being heard (or at least makes them feel better about themselves.)  Q:  What will Dems do to remedy this problem?].

Is it necessary to remind ourselves of what it’s like to be financially wanting, stressed, struggling?  We were (in my case) immigrant families from England and Wales, France and Holland. We had just begun to do well, with solid factory jobs, ownership of small businesses, and even education for professions, when it was all taken away by the Speculators of the ‘20s.  We fought through WWII and began to rebuild, with the help of Dem education and housing programs for (white) veterans.   Then the Repubs began to trick us and drain us again, until again the Speculation collapsed and we lost our gains.  Now our children and grandchildren face a life of indentured servitude to the top fraction of the upper class.

Wealth slops around in the upper 5%. It trickles down to about the 85th %ile. Then there is seepage to about the 70th. Then its all vaporization of every dollar that can be scraped together, the vapor rising to the top where it is condensed by that fraction of a %, who pool it in vast hidden reservoirs, where it stagnates.

Under economic stress persons become sexist and racist because that is what they are taught to be, and because nobody shows them a better way to respond to their anxieties and to live well with others. Drumpf is a master teacher of ignorance, fear, anger, and hatred.

We learn prejudice and discrimination as we learn Ego, by being taught, rewarded, and reinforced in the archetype and its repression of the positive potential of our shadow traits. We fear “the other” because we fear ourselves; we hate them because we have been filled with hatred; we know the dark things that we are capable of doing; we don’t know the light that can empower us from inside ourselves. We have to have someone who mirrors that light, so that we can see it in ourselves and recognize it in others.

As a narrator, I’m lucky, in an eerie way, that someone like Trump has volunteered to be a character in my plot. He adds a certain villainous pizzazz.

Donald Drumpf is a despicable person, vile, banal, more politically dangerous than even W and his ilk, who did so much to prepare the way. Like the Koch Bros and their ilk, he serves only his own interests; but he is willing to do so by bringing out the worst in others, tricking them into serving him, and putting our democracy at risk of a fascist takeover.  To him, persons are either customers or opponents.  He reduces humanity to a shifting mix of winners or losers, so long as he is the Winner.  He’s the perfect foil for Bernie, because he exhibits no anchoring principles. “It’s all negotiable.”

Drumpf is a pathological liar. He is unable to distinguish subjective from objective, the thought that forms in his sick imagination from the reality of others’ lives. He thinks it, therefore it is true. He exalts, therefore he is.  He’s unpredictable because he builds a teflon Wall of Ego around himself, walling himself in and everybody else out.  It’s the sick imagination.

Like me, he’s a shape-shifting trickster figure. Neither of us is very funny; but he plays rampant clown Ego, grinning at his own jokes from his throne of chaos. He’s the joker and the joke, and he wants the joke to be on us.  He wants us to pay for his ego.

Drumpf can be out-numbered at the polls in November, by candidates and a Dem Party who clearly and consistently acknowledge what this election is all about for millions of persons, loudly champion their wellbeing, and persist in doing something about their suffering. Such a Dem candidate for president would bring to the polls a wave of disaffected Dems, self-identified Indies, and new voters, all of whom already naturally lean Dem.

But Drumpfism will not go away, because it is a natural result of our rigged economy and politics, and our cruel teaching, merely a crudely outspoken form of the character and aims of the obscenely rich and the Republican Party that they own. Drumpfism can only be defeated via a political revolution that takes money and power from the likes of a Donald Trump, and gives them back to the millions of persons who are struggling.

(And say, was giving it back, what Jesus was thinking, when he told that rich man to give all his money to the poor?  Was the accumulation of wealth then and there like today’s?  Was that Rich Man a predator like so many of ours?)

[2 b continued: complicating factors, and a return to first things. Page (1) of this episode, page (2).]

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