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Parc Zuccotti Writ Large?

April 27, 2016

Dear Diary – Deja vu tous encore encore?  While enjoying Paris, I haven’t had much time for the primary scene during this fateful month, but I want to put in a page of thoughts as B has fallen farther behind (PA ecc.). The B campaign is a major extension of the movement on behalf of the 99, and especially the 29 or so, with the enlarged understanding that with OT prophecy and NT compassion we are struggling against the Nouveau Aristocracy to keep our democracy and achieve the necessary conditions for life on the planet. Along with B, we hark back to reverence for being, universal human dignity, people power, and voting rights.

B gets it, and that’s why his campaign is not about him. We aim to Occupy the White House, and if not now, “not long.” (It does appear, after all, that black voters, enfranchised by the civil rights movement, are determining who will be the next US President.)

As we liberate the planet from Mammon (who, as Allen pointed out, eats His children), our next highest priority must be the empowerment of women. I am confident that the election of a woman American President would make a significant contribution to empowering American women; but I believe that wealthy men would use their relationship with the Clintons (why shouldn’t the Dem Party, like the Rs, become their tool?) to serve their own interests against good governance, in every area of governmental action, and that therefore Hillary’s contribution to empowering women, along with her effectiveness in every other area of policy, would be stunted.

This is a crucial moment in the history of wealth, a triumphalist, dominionist monopoly capitalist moment, when the Clintonite worldview and understanding of politics will not suffice. It is as passé as Marie Antoinette.

I am equally confident that election of a Bernie American President, while lacking the potent symbolism of a supremely (but self-compromised) powerful woman, would enable America to effectively empower women in many, pragmatic ways, such as giving them access to wealth, thereby disempowering the supremely wealthy men who control our lives and the conditions of life on our planet.

We need, more than ever, a political revolution. But the established powers will fully apply their wealth to serve their own interests, including buying access to influential allies in the Dem Party. Together they form the Democratic wing of the Party of the Status Quo.

In September 2011 protesters against everything that “Wall St” does and stands for were able to gain major attention that was focused on Z Park; and Jamie Dimon’s JPMorgan was able to donate $4.6 million to the NYPD benevolent association, with a warm thanks from Police Commissioner Kelly. In December it appeared as though the NYPD had ended the Occupy movement by forcefully ejecting the demonstrators from the park; but many of its members have continued to be active in groups that have extended the Progressive analysis of the American economy and politics. Their analyses confirm Bernie’s vision and lifelong political mission.

The righteous status quo does not suffice. With B we struggle to Occupy the Dem Party, on all levels of government.

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