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Dreams 4-6-16

April 6, 2016

(1) I taught a class about something (which I forgot after I woke up) for about an hour, giving a lot of information; then I handed out copies of an exam that called for a great deal of detail. As the students were about to begin, something reminded me of the Vietnam war and my responses to it at the time. I talked intensely for 5 or 6 minutes, ending with an image of a marine shielding himself with the trunk of a large tree that grew at the edge of  a pool. Suddenly his right foot slipped, and he splashed into the water.

At that point I realized that what I had been saying was distracting the students from the information that they needed to have in mind as they took the test. I apologized and said, “As you answer the questions, just think about what the class is really all about: perceive, give attention, be responsive.”

(2) I was in touch with a friend from long ago, by way of email exchanges. Reading one message from her, I realized that her husband was prostituting her. He had become her pimp. In a series of messages I attempted to slowly, indirectly, persuade her away from being a prostitute. Several times, she invited me to visit, but I knew that her husband would not like that, so I found excuses. Eventually I did visit, but when I arrived I found her lying naked on a couch, while her husband poured olive oil all over her body. Her skin had a green cast to it. I realized that I could not have any influence on her life.

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