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Diary 4-2-16

April 1, 2016

Dear Diary – First we take Wisconsin, then we take New York.  It’s 5:30 in the matin, ici in the 20th, Rue d’Avron, and of course we’re all up drinking coffee because our brains have not wholly caught on to what’s happening.  Meanwhile, the revolution at home is not being televised, but it is being posted and shared.  (Like Ralph said, “you have to know where you are to know who you are;” but sometimes it’s the other way around.

So we got settled in, malgre’ no sleep, and found at excellent bistrot, just two steps up the street (photos will appear on facebook).  The house is charming, three levels, in a neighborhood as “diverse” as Columbia City, so we felt right at home in the grocery store etc.  From a very busy commercial street we disappear through a red door into a court, where the house is totally quiet.  Lots of enjoyable art on the walls.  Slept well.

This morning we’ll walk to the cemetery to visit Gertrude, Frederic, Oscar, and all the others.  Then maybe we’ll metro into town and just enjoy the architecture and the light.  H’s first time, you know.

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