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Y I Caucused for Bernie (3)

March 29, 2016

Narrator: Now hold on there pardner, do you know who U (I) R?

Identity: First things first, I know it’s early on a sunny spring morn, I slept well, and I’ve got my coffee.

Narrator: I might have said, “Just who do you think you are?” talking loud that way.  They say the shadow knows, but then the shadow isn’t known. Have you asked yourself what you are projecting onto these candidates?

Identity: Oh I get it. M I voting, ignorantly, for myself? Who is lurking in my shadows, thinking that he shines a light on the election, when maybe he’s just pulling the candidates into his darkness, where he huddles with the one he feels most comfortable with?

Narrator: That’s it. Step out here where we can look at yourself. What’s your story?

Identity (taking another sip): A first child, a boy, second grandchild and first grandson. Born into an easing Depression just before the war. Doting mother, grandmothers, aunts. Distant, judgmental father. Midwest, small city, working class, extended family slowly rising thanks to the White GI Bill. Physical labor and factories evolving into small business (retail and manufacturing) and professional.

Narrator: Education?

Identity: Lots.

Narrator: College debt?

Identity: Nope.

Narrator: Hard to find a secure job though?

Identity: Nope. Teaching positions were looking for me, offering lowish pay but promotions and tenure. Became a Family Man of Property.

Narrator: Family?

Identity: In the bosom of. Now adult kids and young adult grandkids.

Narrator: Financial struggle in retirement though? Had to cut back? What if you get sick?

Identity: No worries. A reasonably good life. Enjoying it.

Narrator: Politics?

Identity: Dem since 1958, civil rights, anti-war, women’s lib (thanks to wife, daughters, friends, colleagues), pragmatic anarchist.

Narrator: Wait. You meant to say, “privileged pragmatic patriarch”?

Identity: 2 b continued.

[In case U missed the previous pages of this episode, dear reader:  pages one and two.]

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