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Y I Caucused for Bernie (2)

March 28, 2016

Literally, “I woke up this morning with my mind, staaaaaayed on freedom!” We have Plutocratic Party Red (going fascist) and Plutocratic Party Blue (gone oligarch). Both parties have been put up at auction and sold.

And then you were on my mind, dear reader, and I wanted to think out loud; so I got out of bed, fixed an espresso, and started typing while I thought.

Why did our “first black president” betray African Americans, and why hasn’t our first African-American president done more for black Americans?

I know why, and metaphorically I can’t stomach it.

Okay, I confess, I had a bad night. Yesterday being Easter we had our excellent family dinner (but with two of us missing). I have a genuine medical problem with acid reflux, so of course I ate too much, and so of course I had a terrible night. During the intervals when I slept, I had nightmares—not screaming, but torturous, with one rack after another—of women in a world of hurt. Faceless women, not persons I knew, and there was not much in the way of a dream ego, an I, but rather a faceless and powerless me.

In a society (an overheated global society) in which wealth is wholly owned by a few—and for all practical purposes that is the situation we’re in, we’re living in Pluto’s dream world, an underworld of rich delusion and deception—vast populations of the wretched, the 99% of humanity, roam the earth, even on the streets of Seattle.

So I’m left with hope that the election of Obama has so empowered black Americans spiritually and psychologically that that makes up for their ongoing suffering of physical poverty and assault by racists and institutional racism. And I’m asked to have hope that the election of Hillary will so empower women spiritually and psychologically that that will make up for their ongoing suffering of physical poverty and assault by sexists and institutional sexism.

Lots o’ luck.

Whatever the experience and empathy and intentions of an Obama, his administration quickly became dominated by Blue Plutocrats, because the Democratic Party, led by the DLC Bill Clinton (he who, as a young Southern governor, was a guest of Reagan at the State of the Union address) had become the party of the liberal wing of the wealthy and privileged. When the time came for Bill to protect the interests (thus keeping the support) of the Blue Plutocracy by punishing and controlling black America, for instance by further disempowering them through incarceration and hunger, it was done. Then when the pretender Bush had the opportunity to sucker poor black Americans into investing in homes that would go under and be bought up as rental and development properties by the Romneys of the Red Plutocracy, it was done.

And the Red Plutocrats will do it again, to persons of color, persons of discredited religion, persons of foreign origin or indigenous origin, persons of dubious gender and horrendous sexuality, persons of youth, persons of labor who want to organize for a better reward for their labor, persons who want to band together as a democracy with a government that they can use for their common good; they’ll do it to anyone and everyone who can be disempowered by the manipulation of vast sums of money.

And so will the Blue Plutocrats.  Two wings of one raptor.

Meanwhile, here comes the sun.

So I’m being asked to vote for a member of the Blue Plutocracy who will free my daughters and granddaughters and my sister and niece, and my sisters everywhere—from . . . ?

Well if not from sexism or from poverty, at least from hopelessness, at least from the dread, Red Plutocrats.

Well I’m thinking it’s One World! One Plutocracy! With Liberty and so on for All of the few.  The masses are a wholly owned subsidiary.

No. Let’s return to our breathing, wake up, dream on:

If we want to empower the disempowered, if we want to free them from oppression, we must put money in their hands.

We must do that with jobs, homes, accessible and affordable healthcare, education, strong unions, peacefulness and demilitarization, and actions that support the living creatures of the earth.  And we must do it soon.  Then our sisters and brothers will have the means to spiritually and psychologically free themselves.

None is free until all are free.

And btw, when the young Bernie was arrested chained to a black woman in Chicago, that was real. Is there any doubt that he would do it today, even at age 74?

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