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Y I Caucused for Bernie (1)

March 26, 2016

This morning the author and his granddaughter S took me along for the Dem caucus, where we and our neighbors here in Seattle Precinct 37-1589 faced a dilemma. Luckily, it was a choice between two positives.

Here’s my thoughts about the candidates (and then on page 2 some impressions of the caucus itself).  [Update:  page 2 didn’t turn out as anticipated.]

Americans have an opportunity to elect our first Woman President of the United States. That is very very big. But I believe that this election, by no historical accident, is even bigger than that.

Crucially, in order to have a liveable society and natural environment, we simply must keep Republicans outside the White House and off the Supreme Court; furthermore we must regain Democratic control of the Senate, and even, if at all possible, regain Dem control of the House. Everybody votes!

We must move quickly and decisively toward reducing global warming; and we must move equally quickly and decisively to redistribute the nation’s wealth, taking away the inordinate power and privilege now held by wealthy individuals, weakening monopolistic corporate power, and removing the influence of big money on our political process.

While doing that, we have the opportunity to return the Democratic Party to its best self as the Party of FDR, and furthermore to strengthen it by bringing in a yuge number of new voters. Doing that would severely weaken the power of the bloated, destructive, monopolistic rich—persons and corporations.

In addition to the above, yes we actually can: lessen the likelihood of corporatist military involvement in other countries; establish health care as a right, weaken the influence of “health insurance” companies, and reduce the cost of meds; create millions of jobs by investing in infrastructure; make college affordable for all instead of a contract to indentured servitude; treat refugees and immigants compassionately.

Those measures would significantly empower the poor, women, and persons of color.

I believe that Bernie is our best chance for achieving all of those goals.  The authenticity of his passion and dedication to achieving those goals in unquestionable, and that authenticity and passion are pragmatic in their influence on the body politic.  Bernie offers a vision of “a future we can believe in” because he offers a candidate in whom we can wholeheartedly believe, and more important, a body politic, ourselves, in whom we can feel renewed belief.  He believes in “power to the people,” not diluted by corporate welfare.

Therefore as a candidate Bernie would draw a swarm of new voters and Independents. He would be excellent for down-ballot candidates, because of that swarm of voters, because of his authentic passion for public service, because his network of donors would fund progressive candidates, and because he could call to account R candidates who are financed by billionaires. The Koch Bros (NLC) and their Ilk have promised to spend $900 million, and any R candidate who runs a well-financed campaign obviously will be on the take and thus vulnerable to attack from a Bernie point of view.

The one goal that we would not achieve through Bernie is election of our first Woman President. That’s very very big, and I consider it a very positive reason for supporting Hillary.  I’m foreseeing our first Woman Vice President in 2016, then President in 2020 (which also I’m hoping to be around for).

Currently we have a destructive society because a bunch of fools came out and voted Republican in 2010 and 2014, and a bunch of Dems stayed home. We MUST outvote the Republicans and elect progressive candidates in 2016, 2018, 2020, . . .  Bernie is the best choice for a President who will help us build a progressive movement that can get that done.

[Update 3-30-16:  This compilation from Bernie’s speeches says it brilliantly and beautifully.]

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