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Fear of (political) Dreaming

March 22, 2016

Can we adequately create change? When Bernie announced, I thought a lot about Establishment fear for their jobs, status, privilege, and ability to do their lifework. Fair enough. Here’s a good article on their use of media monopoly and disinformation to defend themselves. Thomas Palley, in Campaign for America’s Future.

For instance: “The response provides a case study showing how the party suffocates progressive change. Every progressive knows about the opposition and tactics of the Republican Party. Less understood are the opposition and tactics of the Democratic Party establishment. Speaking metaphorically, that establishment is a far lesser evil, but it may also be a far greater obstacle to progressive change.”

“There is legitimate room for intellectual difference. What is so stunning is the tone of the critique and the fact it sought to diminish an important policy (fiscal stimulus) just because Sanders was using it to his political advantage.”

The Establishment distortion then moves from uninformed to extremism to unelectability to pipe dreams.

But seriously, Bernie is less an extremist than FDR was. In fact he’s a reactionary who wants to return to the political philosopy and policies of FDR. He’s a dreamer.

We’re in an historical moment of crisis; and while it might not seem as huge as the one FDR faced, it’s still early [ * ]. What if, because of Democratic, neoliberal, richman, corporatist self-defense, we are unable to dream, prevented from imagining accurately, unable to adapt?

[ * A Huff Post article just now on climate change (not just a dream, a nightmare).  In the first Dem debate, Bernie was asked what were his two crucial issues; his response: climate change and money in politics.]

One Comment
  1. I have two kids out of four who I KNOW will be voting for Bernie–come Hell or high water. The other two will definitely vote for whomever the Republican party puts forward.

    I think I’ve done my job.

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