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Dreams 3-22-16

March 22, 2016

As I passed a river I saw people fishing from a bridge and along the banks, so I went home and got my pole and other equipment. When I got back to the river there were a lot of people fishing, mostly girls and boys, but also some grandfather types like myself. I selected a fairly large hook, and put a large worm on it. Then I waded out from the bank a bit, where the stream was shallow and there were a lot of water plants. I swung out my line and immediately saw a fish, about 18” long, wriggling toward it through the plants. It bit and I pulled it in. When I got it off the hook, one of the older men came over and said it was an especially good fish for eating. That was enough for me. I picked up my fish and took it home for dinner.

[I do have clear, happy memories of fishing in a small stream with my grandfather.]

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  1. Tom: I’ve started keeping track of my fishing (and other stuff) on a blog: White River Reflections. If you ever have the time or inclination, it might bring back some good memories of Delaware County!

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