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How Fascism Came to America (1)

March 15, 2016

Past tense is more fun in this episode, so I’ll narrate as if it were a fait accomplí, who knows when.   I’ll begin while, in actuality and in imagination, the plot is still forming, and add elements as I grow awareness.

The author first wrote of this danger in 2011, during the Occupy movement.  When I took the job of narrating his novel, in 2014, I agreed that a Fascism (American-style) might be achieved under the leadership of KBI—the Koch Bros (NLC) and their Ilk, in a hostile take-over of the Republican Party. Neither of us foretold the ascent of two other strains of political psycho-pathology, the Trump Cult of (mediaprofit) Personality, and Cruz Prophetic Evangelical Dominionism. Either of these has what it takes.

In 2011, whenever the author mentioned fascism, even in conversations with progressive friends, the response was sure to be, “No, no, no; that’s too far-fetched to be considered. Don’t even go there. That term simply obscures what’s actually going on. It makes you sound irrational and extreme. You are fantasizing. Be serious.”

Probably that’s because people thought “fascism” meant Hitler and Nazism. It seemed, then, that to suggest that such a thing might happen in America was to diminish the monstrosities of the Nazis, and even to belittle the Holocaust (as if we had not earlier perpetrated our own massive genocide in the slaughter of the native peoples of mid-North America).

But the author was thinking of a Mussolini, with an American style. “Fascism” means, diciamo, as President Calvin Coolidge put it, “Less government in business and more business in government.” That is, Mega-corporations own the government. They monopolize domestic and international profit-making, by using national government (with all of its powers) as their tool.

A key factor in the American style of fascism would be the use of democratic elections to install the fascist (Republican) party in perpetual majority at all levels. Soon, however, the fascists would not be able to tolerate either disorder or dissent; das heißt, psychologically and financially, they would move to achieve total social control and monoply of politics. Less politics in business, more business in politics.

On page 2 of this episode I’ll begin narration of its plot (a series of actions leading to happiness or unhappiness, for millions).

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