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Diary 3-12-16

March 12, 2016

Dear Diary – For me this is the day when the kid on the curb looked around and said, “Mama, why didn’t the Emperor have to get dressed this morning?” I am SO over the Clintons, and the kind of Dem party that they lead.

I was ecstatic when we elected our first black president, and I was holding out hope for an ecstatic November 2016; but after Hillary’s thoughtless and insulting praise of the Reagans about AIDS, for me it’s either Elizabeth Warren, bell hooks, or Bernie.

She said that Nancy and Ron helped America begin a national conversation about AIDS. Nothing could be farther from the truth. They offered only a silence (and demeaning, puerile jokes by surrogates) that shamed and condemned thousands of Americans to death.

I’ve been working on pages about conversation as an archetypal human behavior. In this context its an appropriate symbol for how one conceives of, and conducts, governance—for example, the entire Republican nominating fiasco, including beating people up.

Reagan’s silence was a murderous act of refusing to hold a conversation, thus categorically refusing to acknowledge the worth of people. Such a silence brings humanity to a close.

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