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Diary 3-8-16

March 8, 2016

Dear Diary – A person is a purple confusion of conflicting impulses. Into one ear shouts an angel in red, warning of pain; while into the other whispers an angel in blue, promising pleasure. Red angel: “Father knows best” (Robert Young and Eugene B. Rodney). Blue: “Love, and do as you please” (my perversion of St. Augustine, who should have applied it his ownself).

Say what? Today I read the George Lakoff column in Huff Post, applying his neurology-linguistics to the question of why Trump is so popular. As I understand it, red authoritarian hierarchicals favor Trump.

But who are the blues who favor Bernie (the opposite of Trump—for instnce in conversational image)?

In the red mythology of Allknowing Father, people used to live in a garden of pleasure, but they disobeyed Dad and had to be punished so that they could recover a measure of pleasure by learning to obey. It’s been that way ever since. Trump presents himself as a model of this natural law of strict authority and achieved pleasure, who will punish all who disobey and reward all who deserve. Classism, sexism, racism, militarism are natural and lawful parts of this practical hierarchy. Pleasure comes with being in your right place all the time.

Old Testament Christians, aka evangelicals such as Cruz, pere et fils, preach this law.

In the blue mythology, the “law of love” (Jesus), says: If you truly love, naturally you do loving things. To do otherwise would hurt (others and yourself), but to love feels really really good, immediately and in the long run (Thoreau). Get out of yrself. Find yrself in others. People are more alike than different. We’re all in this together. Classism, sexism, racism, militarism are sources of pain. They are red natural impulses, but they can be quieted. It takes ongoing practice, but you can get good at it.

Btw, Lakoff implies that in the neurologically political, our current TV coverage is red. Is the internet blue?

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