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Dreams 3-7-16

March 7, 2016

First dream:

As I was driving with a friend, a policeman pulled me over for some apparent infraction. After he wrote the ticket, he followed me home, driving with his front bumper against my rear bumper (not pushing, but touching). When we got to my house, my friend and I stayed outside while he looked inside but found that everything was normal. When he came back outside, he smelled that something was very wrong, and he became like a small animal, in a state of near panic, sniffing around the foundation of the front of the house to locate the problem.

I saw that there was a large tiger sleeping under the picnic table, and I pointed that out to the policeman. The tiger woke, and came out from under the table, at first as if happy to see us, taking the form of a mid-sized dog. But the tiger then also took the form of a largish jackal, which saw the dog as food. It enlarged into an oversized hyena and grabbed (my) dog by the back of the neck to kill it. It carried the dog over to where I was standing and attacked me too.

At that point the policeman decided to shoot the huge animal that was on top of me. He pointed his handgun at the massive animal, but had trouble deciding the angle of fire that would hit the heart. On his second try, it seemed he killed the beast.

Second dream:

I was driving on the highway, heading towards town, and I realized that I might be driving too fast so I slowed down. Then I saw in my rear view mirror that there was a police car, a ways back. After a while, the police car was close behind me, definitely checking me out.

As I entered a suburban area, that police car and another turned on their lights and clearly wanted me to pull over, so I did. Immediately I was surrounded by a swarm of police cars and military vehicles. Clearly they thought I was a terrorist. A soldier came up to the window on the driver’s side and held his rifle pointed at me. I rolled down the window, as I would do for a police officer who had pulled me over. Because the end of his barrel had been pressed against the glass, when it dropped below it joggled the rifle a bit. I said politely, “Oh, sorry.”

The anti-terrorist personnel determined that I was not dangerous, after all, and they began leaving. A large crown had gathered to see what was happening. I climbed part way out of the window and, sitting on the window sill, I said to the crowd, “I guess I’ll take advantage of my five seconds of fame. Thank you all for coming. So long.” And I drove away.

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