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Diary 3-5-16

March 5, 2016

Eev uv Dysphunkshun

You guessed it, Dear Diary – I finally found time to view the first half hour of the after school Student Republican Club meeting in Michigan. So I got to see the grown men looking into a camera and talking about their pricks, while being wildly cheered on by their cliques.

They know their audience (like a jaded stand-up comedian that I remember from one night at the old Fox burlesque theatre in Indy in the ’50s, but that’s another page maybe).

The roar of the crowd was the most interesting part of the meeting—egged on by the class bully, the righteous child of God, the kid who will say anything to get the attention he so desperately craves, and the kid who stands back, watching and waiting his turn. He figures that when they’re back in the classroom, the teacher will make sure he gets elected class president. I knew these guys in high school (I may even have been one of them).

I remember these adolescent boy genital fascinations and anxieties, and a bit later the fumbling early courtship displays, with their ambiguous targets.

And later, as at the recent Trump rallies, hormonal young manhood sometimes transformed confused kids into confused and frustrated predators, who followed example and targeted people who didn’t look right.  Double substitution, violence for sex, enemy for partner.

It’s sad to see grown men act that way.

I don’t remember seeing this kind of howling pack behavior on nationally broadcast political programs before. There were George Wallace rallies and the like, but off camera.

Well I’ll probably watch another 30 minutes.  Maybe do a page on this debate, viewed from the archetypal point of view of “conversation.”  Eventually we’ll see what happens when the R and D styles meet?

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