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What’s It All About?

March 2, 2016

I’ve been talking with the author a lot (we still mostly agree), listening to the candidates, talking with family, reading. I’ll do the Dem caucus on the 26th.

For me it’s not about Bernie or Hillary or a victory for my team.

It’s the issues, stupid:

(1) Keeping America and Earth safe from the GOP (i.e. all of the psycho-pathologicals who have emerged with the fevers of Republican spring) by electing a Dem President and Supreme Court (sic).

(2) Defense of our democracy; climate change; concentration of wealth and power; influence of the super wealthy on American politics (at all levels of government, in elections and in daily governance by all governmental units); empowerment of the disempowered (by class, gender, color, age, etc.); reduction of American military involvement.

Thus voting rights, taxation, criminal justice system (espec prisons, policing), jobs and rebuilding infrastructure, peace-centered foreign policy, . . .

I know I’ve left some out.

(3) Enlightening our social and political culture by building a Progressive political force, at all levels of government.

To me it looks like this is another of those moments of national crisis, that we’ve been building for ourselves for generations. In the historicism of the soul, we have been concentrating, with our psychic wealth, the psychopathologies of our democracy, both positive and negative, and now we are calling them out of our unconscious into high consciousness.

“No cure for the soul,” but in consciousness there is therapy that can at least ease its pain and restore its health. It’s all about attending to that.

I have to figure out which candidate might best imagine our crisis from the White House.

Lucky I practice breathing.

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