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Diary 3-1-16 (2)

March 1, 2016

Dear Diary – Yes this might be the first time I’ve written twice in one day. But this is a very big day. Electorially. Super Tday. There are a lot of marble in the circle—not all of them by any means, but psychologically a lot. Bernie has tied, won big, come close, and lost big.  A good showing would boost morale.

The lost-big was SC, which to my mind is an “outlier.” Mainly because of the state’s pervasive aversion to change. Democratic SCs know Hillary and have been expecting to vote for her for ages. Now who is this young whipper snapper Northerner who suddenly shows up, invading the state? He’s not young? Then he should know better. Hillary is Obama’s Sec of State and Bill’s wife (good Southerners, to boot). That’s good enough for me. You leave that poor woman alone.

But dear diary, here’s something I’m wondering: The majority of Dem voters were black folks and members of some serious Southern protestant churches. Are those churches likely to vote for a Jewish President? For sure some of the answer is no, but how much?

SC is also something of an outlier because the most important things in public life in SC are historic wealth/privilege (i.e. aristocracy), and race. Ergo in November its Electors will be owned by a Republican.

And today most of the primarying states are much like it. Six Southerners plus Czarist Oklahoma. Five others (four that might go Dem in Nov).

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