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Feeding Cancer

February 26, 2016

It’s about ending life.

It’s like, I get my diagnosis of cancer and my response is, “That’s great, doc! What can I do to help it spread? Let’s get it into the lymph system just as quick as possible. Metastasis. Love it!”

It’s like being in a zombie film and everybody’s going out to get a bite. It’s a reality show that has jumped the box. I’ve seen it on tv, now I can actually be an actor, with no screen between me and the hero I want to touch. Look at me, mom, I’m real. That’s wonderful, Donald. Comb your hair.

It’s like being in Italy with all the best people spreading fascism. Or Germany during the outbreak of Nazism.

What’s the point of living if ya can’t end some lives?

I don’t know if it was remarkably good fortune, or bad fortune, to have been created to narrate a novel on the psychopathologies of American democracy right at the moment when so many Americans are going psycho.

For instance, I could be filling page after page with reality stories about people of all ages shooting people of all ages. (Just to take guns as a growth pathology.) But that happens all the time.

Or I could do a crime series, call it “Public Defender.” But it’s just one episode after another of a cop shooting an unarmed black man. You’ve read one of those over breakfast and you’ll have a new one for breakfast tomorrow.

How about the newest mutation: Some guy – and maybe those are key words? Just. Some. (abusive) Guy. Takes a gun to work or some place and shoots some people, a lot of people. Could be anybody. Not very exciting. Not enough emotion. Enough cause for alarm.

So let’s just tell one real celebrity case. He’s a household name, a hero of the American system. He’s the Justice who actually managed to re-imagine an amendment to the Constitution to mean something that it didn’t mean for centuries, in fact something it has never meant before, even as it was being written.

You know, the one where nobody, no. body. can do anything to limit my life with my gun.

And now that heroic life comes peacefully to its natural, God-giveth end, in bed. What are the ritual circumstances surrounding that passing? Where’s the high drama, the excitement of the kill?

Dear reader, tune in tomorrow and get the real deal. Staged rapid fire competitions. $$$$. Replete with splendent green and white regalia. Knighthood in Texas.

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