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Diary 2-23-16

February 23, 2016

Dear Diary – Bernie at the SC Dem CNN Town Hall was some of the best I’ve heard in politics 1958-present. If you missed it, check it out. He was good throughout, but then an extraordinary moment at the end when he was asked about his spirituality. The guy is through and through spirit. It pervades his personhood and thereby his politics.

Spike Lee endorsed him today, with a minute-long radio ad. He mentions doing the right thing. The funny thing is, Bernie has often used that phrase when talking about his views of issues, policies, or legislation; it’s part of his political credo.

And like that: people are expressing concern that Hillary cannot be trusted for veracity and authenticity, genuineness. Another expression that I’ve heard Bernie use frequently during the last several years of hearing him on the Thom Hartmann program is, “to be honest” or “let’s be honest about it.” Adherence to truth, honesty, personal integrity and genuineness are important in his personal and political approach to life.

Of course he was also in a specific political situation in which he must introduce himself to black voters of SC. It looked to me as though he did an excellent job of that—and again, because those voters share his spiritual values and outlook on life. I’ll predict that if a sizeable portion of black voters watched that town hall, he’s going to get an impressive share of their vote.

Be sure to check it out.

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