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Dreams 2-22-16

February 22, 2016

[Yesterday I kept coming across headlines about Romney endorsing Rubio. I didn’t give it the attention that it called for, because it seemed so obvious, irrelevant (to life), sleazy, and boring. But this morning I had this dream:]

A top reporter was interviewing Mitt Romney and he took my friend and I along. It was an after-luncheon interview at Mr. Romney’s club, his treat. Romney knew that I opposed his view of life and his policy proposals, but he was entirely cordial, he and I got along well, and we all enjoyed lunch, accompanied by scotch. Over coffee, the reporter asked the standard questions, and Romney gave the standard responses.

When the reported finished, I said to Romney, “I don’t suppose that, off the record, you would….” He shook his head, no. “Well, I suppose that makes sense. That would be the truth about who you are, as a person, and that’s a private matter, and this is politics.”

Lunch and the interview ended, but my friend and I decided to have a seat in the lounge and enjoy another drink. I asked the server what brand of scotch we had had during lunch. He said, “I don’t know which brand Mr. Romney had, but it was one of the best. Yours, of course, was from the well.”

[As I was getting out of bed, remembering the dream, I thought also of the phrase “out of the bucket” for the cheap stuff; and that reminded me of one of my favorite, appropriately short, stories by Kafka, “The Bucket Rider.”]

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