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Dreams 2-16-16

February 16, 2016

Some friends came to visit in my bedroom, where I had just gotten out of bed. I showed them that there had been a lot of poisonous snakes in my bed, and I had dealt with them by attaching them to each other in a long line, mouth to tail. They were metallic, like flexible brass tubes. They had a fitting for a mouth, and another, smaller one at the end of the tail. These fittings were like the ones on the ends of the flexible hoses that plumbers use as lines from the water pipe in the wall to the faucet of a sink. The fitting at the mouth was, as mechanics would call it, “feminine” and the one at the end of the tail was “masculine.” That is, one could fit over/into the other, as the feminine nut and masculine bolt, or the masculine jar with its feminine lid. With the snakes, I had simply screwed the mouth of one over the tail of another, etc.

Just then another snake appeared on the bed and headed in my direction. I grabbed it with my right hand, just behind its mouth, and with my left hand at its tail, bent it in a circle, and screwed its mouth over its tail. Voila! Ouroboros! I did the same with several more. It was very meaningful and satisfying for all of us.

Then I had another of my repairing or rebuilding an old house dreams. In this one I was working with the plumber, re-plumbing the entire house.

[Good example, I believe, of the subconscious dream-brain using the day’s stuff for material. I have been thinking a lot about the gender dimension of the Dem primaries; I have a sink and toilet needing repair and have turned off the water to them; and I have been thinking a lot about the integration of subconscious and conscious, exterior and interior psychological environments, in connection with the 4 elements, yesterday including an article on the Taoist 5 elements (including metal) and Yin/Yang energies.]

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