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Scalia Removed from the Court

February 13, 2016

He who damaged so many lives, in the name of justice. Ol’ Maker has called him home to participate in the heavenly justice system*.

I sincerely hope he didn’t suffer in the night.

But this is not a game changer, brothers and sisters, this is Game Over. The effective end of the Reagan Era. No more activist extremist reactionary classist misogynist racist egotistical pretentious mocking 5-4 majority.

And now we get to see some wonders to unfold. How will Justice Thomas (“false, fleeting Clarence”) function without The Man? Will Justice Kennedy listen more often to his better angel, and will he hang on much longer? Will Justice Alito become the Exemplar of Bitter? How will Chief Justice Roberts pursue his corporatist agenda in the minority, and how will he uphold God’s natural Law?

Here’s a good explanation of the potential effects of the 4-4 tie on big cases coming before the Court.

  • If St Peter reads this essay there’ll be some questions when Antonin Scalia approacheth the Gate.
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