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Hillary and the Big Money

February 12, 2016

In something like 48 hours after Bernie included a brief fund-raiser in his NH victory speech 150,000 individuals donated $7.5 million to his campaign.

In a moment, just days before the vote in NH, George Soros, a “liberal billionaire,” donated $6 million from his individual wealth (having already donated 2) to Hillary’s campaign, remarking that Hillary had given him access to the State Department to discuss policies.

A high percentage of the Bernie donors have so little “wealth” (resources) that they miss the $5-100 that they give (average donation, $27). Soros surely can give $8 mil without denting his lifestyle (or he wouldn’t give that much).

So, in a world severely damaged by Big Money, a culture corrupted by Big Money, and a democracy dominated by Big Money in both parties, the ability of the 1% to buy access forces persons in the lower and middle classes to make genuine budget sacrifices in order to try to counter such super powers.

Take a look (one of many).  I could have titled this page “Beyond Inequality.”

A major “psycho-pathology” * of American democracy is classism, an historic imagination that there exists, in God’s plan for human life in general and especially in America, an aristocracy of character that produces, and is manifested by, superior wealth.

These Superiors are the rightful governors of mankind (just ask them).

The wealthy consider themselves to be not only a financial aristocracy but a moral aristocracy. They are thereby self-justified in harming everybody with less wealth. Especially those of us with little wealth.

American aristocracy triumphed briefly in Puritan New England, for a longer period in the slave owning South, and then, nationally, in the economic inequality of the 1920s. Today’s level of inequality has risen again to that ‘20s extreme.

Our aristocracy has been brought to us by monopoly capitalism and corporatism, aided and abetted by Reaganism in the Republican Party and the Clintonite Democratic Leadership Council in the Democratic Party.

I fear that Hillary will not—maybe can not—repudiate corporatism and this aristocracy.

Democrats such as Hillary are significantly less classist than are the Republicans; but such Democrats will be inadequate to solving our urgent problems, unless they take major steps to reduce our economic inequality and the financial superpower of the 1%, beginning with repudiation of Big Money in the Hillary campaign.

I’m thinking that, for a moment, the Clintons and the DLC were on the right side of America’s Reaganite politico-economic history to bring the Dem Party and the Clintons into power, through an alliance with corporatism and super wealth.

But as life has become more trying, in large part as a result of their actions, our perspective has changed with our reality. The time of the Reaganite and DLC-Clinton Establishments has come and gone.

We’re in trouble here. We must work against the classism of the triumph of Big Money, wherever it affects the health of American society and the world.

* In narrating this novel about the psychopathologies of American democracy, I’m following James Hillman’s insight that “psychopathology” is a major pattern in the soul’s imagining—the logic of its pathos, its motions, its changes and its gestures (in the artistic sense) as it is moved and responds movingly.   These pathologies are both positive and negative (in this sense, for instance, democracy is a psychopathology). I am using “psycho-pathology” to refer to those pathologies that are negative, e.g. classism, sexism, racism, propensity to violence. In their extreme, for instance in some of the imaginative behaviors of a Trump, they are indeed “psycho.”

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