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Who Gets Things Done? Opposing Views

February 9, 2016

Here I go thinking out loud again.

This morning the argument for Hillary against Bernie is that B is a nice (if eccentric) guy, but if you really want things to get done, vote for H because she’s the one who gets things done (because she works and plays well with others).

Therein lies a huge and politically crucial difference between these candidates:

In the H campaign vision, it’s about H; she gets things done.

In the B campaign vision, it’s about us, lots of us, ideally all of us; we get things done.

Those are very different visions of democracy and governance. I prefer the B.

I also think that the B vision is more practical, because I agree with B that the only way that the things that we (not the rich and powerful few) know that we desperately need done, will get done, is if a huge mass of us assert ourselves together to force politicians to do those things.

As for who best works with others to get things done, clearly H works best with the people of the establishment and the 1%. I don’t think they know, or much care, what we need.  Or how desperately we need it.  (Not to mention how much we deserve it.)

B works best with people who want good things for ordinary people, and will work to get those things done.

More important: we must work well with each other, to govern ourselves in our own best interests.

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