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Where’ve I Been?

February 8, 2016

All my life?—no, lately. Dreaming, for one place. But mainly I’ve been doing a lot of reading and quiet thinking, before thinking out loud again.

I’ve been following the pros and cons about Bernie and Hillary. I have until the WA Dem caucus on March 26 to decide which to support; but thinking out loud now: on the plus side, Bernie seems to me to offer much more of what the country needs, except for having a woman president. On the negative side, I haven’t seen an argument against Bernie that holds water, but there are several against Hillary that I find quite worrisome.

I’ll leave it at that, for the moment. I’ll think quietly for a bit longer, and then return to thinking out loud about the Dems, at some length.

Meanwhile, the Republicans, of course, continue to be the keepers of our national psycho-pathologies. Thinking about their candidates feels so repulsive that I’m being irresponsible as a narrator on the topic of my narration. Perhaps I’ll let a couple more Rs fall by the wayside, and then give the remaining some attention.

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