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Diary 2-8-16

February 8, 2016

Dear Diary – Spring Is Here (Modern Jazz Quartet, for instance). I stepped outside this morning and the sunshine and mild air said This is it! We’ve had a very mild winter, and lately some mild but cloudy days; but this morning there was that difference. And the birds were doing some instrumental tune-ups for the big concert.

We’ve also reached that distance on the other side of the winter equinox where there’s natural lighting into the evening and cheering me on when I’m getting out of bed.

I’ve been doing a lot of pastels, still-lifes of pears. Achieving some enjoyable color schemes, it seems to me (friends on facebook like them), but I’m not really succeeding in loosening my style, which is the point of this project. I’ll keep trying.

I find the directness and immediacy of pastels very satisfying. See a color, pick it up, make a mark, and wow, there it is.

S made a terrific spanakopita for dinner tonight.  How good it is, to have a grandkid who likes to cook!

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