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Dreams 2-7-16

February 7, 2016

I was out walking around the countryside where I had lived since I was a kid. Now developers were tearing down buildings and utility poles, and surveying for new houses and business buildings.

The next morning, although I was forty-something I was enrolled in a grad course in lit, for which I had to write a research paper. I went to write it at the home of a two friends, a forty-something woman and her twenty-something daughter. They were getting ready to go to work for the day. I sat down in the living room, where the light and air coming in through the windows were very pleasant, and started to read; but since it was such a nice spring morning, the daughter and I decided there was time for a brief walk in the countryside.

When we had walked for five minutes or so, I walked on ahead to look at a particular spot, and then turned back to join my friend in walking on home. When I was a hundred or so feet from her, I saw that there was a small leopard sitting in the weeds at the side of the path; it was watching us, but not seeming to be aggressive. It was almost lemon yellow color, with orangish sandyish spots.

When we got close to the front door, the leopard leaned forward, as if maybe it would attack, so I hurried my friend inside and told her to make sure that all of the doors were closed.

[recent dream of a cheetah]

[In last night’s dream, when I saw the big cat I twice referred to it, to myself, as “lion,” but then I soon realized that it was a leopard.  As a lion, it didn’t have a mane; so it would be female, and that’s how I’m going to think of it.  This time, this cat looked at me as though it knows me, personally.  I feel like I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t appear again, and I hope it does.]

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