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Dreams 2-3-16

February 3, 2016

My granddaughter S and I are attending the Wa Dem caucus [as we plan to do in March—I caucused in 2008, as an Obama supporter]. We support Bernie. When the division of the house occurs, it is obvious that Bernie has received the most votes; but the woman from the Party who is running the caucus declares that Hillary has won. The Bernie supporters appoint me to speak on their behalf, because of my advanced age. I mention that I have voted Dem in every election since 1960. I assure everyone that I will vote for whichever Dem turns out to be the Party’s nominee, and I say that I hope that the same is true of Hillary supporters. I point out that we are all friends and neighbors in the precinct and that we surely want fairness for each other. Then I ask the precinct leader to count again, but she refuses. She declares the caucus over. On the way out of the building I mention to her personally that I am, after all, a neighbor and that I was not trying to be disruptive. She doesn’t say anything, so my granddaughter and I continue to our car.

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