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Diary 2-3-16

February 3, 2016

Dear Diary – Sorry for the way I’ve been neglecting you lately. It’s mainly because of an obsession with Iowa, plus a head cold that dragged down my energy level. Plus French and painting. It’s lucky I can sleep while I dream. (Skipped yoga classes because I might be contagious.)

Happy to report that meanwhile our weather seems to have improved. Temps have been consistently mild all along, but lately we’ve been having sunshine too. We still haven’t had a hard enuf frost to kill the beet plants, and now I see that the butterfly bush has rather large leaves already.

Just before my cold I went to SAM to see the “Impressionists” show again before it closed. Lots of big names, Manet through Bonnard . Almost all small works, including a lot of really beautiful canvases showing what can be done in such a small space, such as a darkly exquisite 6 x 9 portrait by Toulouse-Lautrec of Carmen Gaudin with her flash of pinkish hair catching the light.

There was a roomful of very enjoyable Vuillards from the ‘90s, like neutral-colored, semi-surreal panels from a comic strip, and surprisingly a similar one by Bonnard. Several mid-sized Bonnards, then, with their wonderful glowing color.

My favorite was Cézanne’s 18 x 21 (seeming bigger after so many small pieces), “Still Life with Milk Jug and Fruit.” I could stand in front of it all day (however, someone standing next to me said to her friend, “Well I don’t like that one.”). For me it’s mesmerizing, with its myriad eccentricities combined into a perfect whole, its balanced imbalances, and its warm lights and cool darks embracing and holding each other. Powerful example of how artistry can create a soulful image of deeply creative interrelationships between the artist, the objects of the still life, the finished canvas, and the viewer.

[Update that very afternoon:  it rains.]

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