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IA Closing Ads 6

February 1, 2016

I would happily vote for any one of the three Democrats, if the narrator of a novel were allowed to vote.

When I make my final ineffectual choice, which perhaps will at least influence the author, it will be based on my opinion that America and our home planet are in a state of imbalance that is so severe, and so destructive of life, that one can barely get one’s imagination wrapped around it. I’m talking about climate change and the evil distribution of wealth (and thus power). It seems to me as though a lot of voters have not yet figured out how very deep is the hole that we’ve dug for ourselves.

Business as usual simply will not cut it. And even George Soros can’t buy me love (the Koch Bros wouldn’t want to).

It will take the kind of depth, the kind imagination, the soulful creative relationship that I see in some of the IA ads. No candidate is there yet, though. The soul, as Heracleitus observed, hath no bottom. It’s an abyss.

I ain’t scared, but neither am I complacent. So I’m looking for a candidate who not only can make a difference, but who has the big enough vision to make the big enough difference to begin to get us out of this mess. That candidate also had best be capable of producing a tidal wave Democratic election that washes away the Republican majorities in Congress (or comes close enough that we can complete the job in 2018).

At this moment it’s looking to me as though a national campaign by Bernie would create a tsunami (all the more likely with a woman for Vice President, which surely would be the case). Furthermore, he is the candidate who has the best positions and record, regarding both climate change and a healthy distribution of wealth. And, let’s face it, he is a person of extraordinary good character. Let’s enjoy it while we can.

Bernie’s only significant weakness is his gender. I have four daughters and two granddaughters. I have been aching for them to see a woman given the most power of any individual ever. Ha!

Hillary could be that woman. She has what it takes to win the election—maybe even on a wave—and to exercise that power effectively for great good.

Among the Republican candidates, not so much. Only one, John Kasich, shows the character traits that are prerequisite to being given so much power; and he is disqualified by his reactionary political philosophy, his aristocratic policy positions, his availability to the oligarchs, and the fact that he would enlarge the inhumane membership of the Supreme Court. Screw that.

[Page 1 of the episode; and btw, let’s complicate gender in this election.]

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