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Dreams 1-30-16

January 30, 2016

(After what seems to have been a rather lengthy dream, in which I was part of a group of men who did something or other together) we were sitting in a living room, talking about something in particular—some project. Sitting across from me was a man who was something of a leader of the group. I focused on his abdomen, and that area of his body became enlarged in my attention, as if he wasn’t wearing a shirt. I saw that on the outside of his body, but seemingly also part of his body, stretching vertically down from his chest, was a live, tubular entity. It seemed to be a worm, but the size of a large snake. It looked something like a large intestine on the outside of his body. Then it began to move, detaching itself from him, and I could see that it was a very large variety of the June bug larva that we used for fish bait when I was a kid. [Here’s some images.] We just knew them as “grubs,” which we would be lucky enough to grub-up when we were planting something.  Typically they would be three quarters of an inch long, and thick enough to be almost chubby. This one was like four feet long and 3 inches in diameter. It crawled on down the man’s side and away.  Nobody noticed.

He was talking and I was thinking, “Well, those look really repulsive, but I’ve often picked them up. Fish love them, so they make excellent bait. This one hasn’t hurt anything.”

[In this dreamer’s experience, as a kid, grubs, seen (unearthed) rather rarely, were ugly creatures (worms or insects?) that lived secretly and stilly (I never saw one doing anything or going anywhere) in the darkness of the loam (the quality of the soil where I lived was excellent). I didn’t know that they emerged as June bugs; I thought they lived their entire lives in the earth. (Those bugs, however, unlike butterflies, were homely, if not ugly; they were loud and crazy creatures of the air, slamming themselves into screens, and sometimes my head.)  We would send the grubs grubbing into the dark depths of the lake. We couldn’t see what was down there, but we had reason for hope, and if the fish were biting, up would come something beautiful and hasty on the other end of the line.]

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