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Dreams 1-29-16

January 29, 2016

It was a winter night and I was driving home from working on Bernie’s campaign. The roads were snowy and icy. I drove up a hill and almost reached my driveway when the car stalled. I tried many times to start the engine, but finally gave up and walked back down the hill, to get assistance. Suddenly I realized that the car had rolled down the hill and disappeared. I went looking for it. In the brushy area off the road I found small pond that the car might have rolled into. The pond was more like a large hole filled with used motor oil. I got a long stick and probed the depths, but the car wasn’t in there. I returned to the street and walked a little ways back up the hill, where I saw car tracks that veered off the pavement into the woods. Sure enough, there was the car. Now the engine started, and with difficulty I backed the car out of the mud and across the snow to the street. Then I was able to drive all the way home.

[This dream might be interesting in connection to the analysis of Bernie’s ad that I wrote two days ago.]

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