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Trumpopathy, or Donny the Kid

January 25, 2016

In a pathetic, artistically and morally shameless ploi to get a desperado gunslinger and his gun violence into this plot, hoping thereby to entice the Koch Bros (NLC) to buy up enough copies that you will see Blog: A Novel on the “NYT Bestseller List,” I’m going to give Trump a small piece of the attention that he so desperately craves.

Also, since this is a novel about the psychopathologies of American democracy, and one of those is our propensity to violence, especially the Wild West fantasy of liberty-loving gun toters, it actually makes sense to include this moment of Times Square (where dime novels sold well) bravado in my narrative.

Actually, I now realize that this is so despicable that I’ve put off the thing itself until the fourth paragraph.


Okay, so he didn’t actually say Times Square (although it was sometimes reported that way—people know how to make a good story), he said “in the middle of Fifth Avenue.” He might be in the Village, or at the Park, maybe outside the Met, or in Harlem. He’s ubiquitous. And he said it in Des Moines, IA.

The sober point, of course, is the question of whether Trump’s level of insensitivity to people’s feelings about gun deaths, his lack of empathy and compassion, qualifies him to be considered psychopathic—or sociopathic at best.

I’m guessing the answer is yes. Donald goes ego to ego, and in his legend he can’t lose.

[Update: or, who knows? he might have been stuck in the snow with a gun.]

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