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Dreams 1-25-16

January 25, 2016

Walking in a city, I cut through the lot of an auto repair shop. I saw a couple of gold coins on the ground, that somebody had lost, and when I stooped to pick them up I saw more. There were around a hundred dollars in gold coins, mostly twos and tens. A couple of guys who worked in the shop came out, and I asked them if they could guess what I had found, thinking that if the coins were theirs they would mention them and I would give them to them. But they had no idea, so I kept the money.

However, I remembered that I needed some repairs done to my car, so I drove it into their garage and they made those repairs.

Then it turned out that they also did framing of paintings. I had three paintings that I needed to have framed for a show, a triptych with a central canvas maybe 14 x 32, and two 14 x 20s, one at each end. The auto repair guys framed the big one, but I didn’t like the looks of that frame; so I decided to pick out something else and I had my mother help me select it. But she kept getting confused about what wood was available. She thought that the boards of some old stands, boxes, and shelving were for framing. So I decided to retrieve the canvases, and we left.

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