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What if Bernie Wins IA?

January 23, 2016

He’s going to win NH (it appears). But what if he wins IA too—or comes “dangerously” close?

Quite a while back, I was thinking about how ugly it would get if Hillary—meaning, mainly—if a woman, were the Dem nominee. The kind of very ugly ugly that Obama has received from racists, Hillary would receive from sexists, who could be even worse than the racists, although some of them would be somewhat constrained by the size (not to mention the intimate relationships) of the demographic (as in, majority of the population). She would bring out the ugliest of the ugliness in Republicans.

The moment that Republicans need to target Bernie, they will get very ugly, as in, for instance, hammers and sickles.

But wait! Claire McCaskill, a leading Hillary supporter, already went there. Isn’t she a Dem?

Which of course is the point. We can count on it that, the moment the Dem Establishment decides that Bernie is dangerous to them, for instance if he wins IA, . . . here’s a good preview of coming detractions, the seven stages of intra-party knifings, as currently being modelled by the Brits.

Dems won’t freak because of prejudice and hatred; but some Dems will be egotistical and angry about being challenged, and/or they’ll be scared that they’ll lose their jobs and power.

Not all Estab Dems will freak out. Is there a good reason to think that none will?

And btw, Bernie Dems should be very careful not to demonize Hillary, when she wins.

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