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January 20, 2016

[Update 1-25-16:  After writing this page I came upon a Nate Silver article in his “FiveThirtyEight” that I find very helpful, about what a “political party” includes, and who might be thought of as its “establishment.”  His is a much huger and complicated (but completely understandable) view than mine below.  He then applies that to analysis of the current state of the Republican Party.  I do think that the highly influential persons and organizations, and other stakeholders, that I mention, compose what someone like Bernie is up against in the Democratic Party.

And surely it cannot be diminished quickly. But it must be diminished.

2-25-17:  Bernie Progressives growing their influence within the D Party.]

Listening to Thom Hartmann’s interview of Mike Lofgren about his new book, The Deep State: The Fall of the Constitution and the Rise of a Shadow Government, I was shocked with the realization—which no doubt should have come sooner—of how many people are part of the established power structure of American society. It’s far more than the billionaires, plus “Wall St” types. Add the military-industrial complex, plus others at the top of monopoly-capitalist corporations, plus the national security web (including Silicon Valley), plus the top of other governmental agencies, plus politicians of both parties at all levels, plus Big Media, plus the top officers of nonprofits and NGOs who are accustomed to working closely with politicians and leaders in government, plus…

I.e. everyone who might lose their jobs, or at least experience a notable decline in power, and some decline in wealth or at least income, if The Establishment is modified by someone like Bernie.

Might that include almost everyone in the top, say, 5% of wealth and incomes?

All of those people strongly believe in themselves, their abilities, their contributions to the good of society, even their indispensability, and the justness of their desserts. Many have worked hard and made sacrifices to get where they are, to become established in their fields and lines of work. Many have families who depend on them and admire them. Many have egos that would not easily absorb the blow.

Can they share Bernie’s vision?

Can they adapt to change?

Will they do what they can to prevent Bernie from being nominated?

Will a President Bernie have to make compromises?  Yep.  Will a President Hillary have to make compromises?  Yep.

Can I count on Bernie to do everything that a President can do, to turn the situation around?  Yep.  Count on Hillary the same?  Doubt it.  Does that matter?  A lot.

If Hillary is the nominee, will I vote for her?  Yep.

[Update 1-24:  A tour-de-force ID of “The Establishment,” meaning Ds, Rs, Ls et al.

1-27:  Another thought:  Bernie is waging an insurgency; he’s appealing to ordinary people, which means members of organizations, not necessarily the officers of those organizations who might have important ties to the political establishment.]

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