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Dreams 1-19-16

January 19, 2016

[At the end of long and forgotten dream in which property had to be cleared after a storm, etc] a remarkably thick and tall tree has fallen but is hung up in the branches of another; I can’t see how such a large tree in such a precarious situation can be taken down (although surely it will be, somehow).

[This is a recurrent image for me, and its raw material comes out of my having worked on trees in landscaping and then on my own property (once, crazily, to clear the spot in the woods where my new house was going to be built, I felled a massive oak, by myself, with no one around; seriously, a stupid thing to do). A related recurrent image in my dreams is of a need to complete the construction of a house (often in a woods or at least having large trees in the yard—the first house “of our own” that I lived in, after the war, age seven, had three large oaks along the front sidewalk—or repair a large, very old house).]

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