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Dreams 1-14-16

January 14, 2016

[Throughout the evening yoga class I noticed that I seemed mildly confused—not enough to be worrisome, no dizziness or such, but for example mixing up the sides of my body more than usual; and then I had these dreams, one after another.]

(1) I need to buy something, so I go to a store that sells everything. But when I enter the store I find that they have almost nothing in stock except big things such as machinery, because they are near the end of a sale of small things.  I look around, to see if they have something that I might want to buy, and I see some used campus mail envelopes. A woman steps over and takes some. I count how many of the remaining are usable and I decide to buy seven of those. I try to select seven but now there are fewer than seven remaining. I count again and there are fewer still. Each time I count there are fewer usable envelopes.

(2) I need to rent an apartment. The owner of the building gives me keys to two, so that I can choose. I rent one. Early that evening, I go to my new apartment and unlock the door; but as I’m stepping inside a family of four comes down the sidewalk and asks why I am entering their apartment. I explain that the owner must have given me the key to the wrong apartment. I give them the key, and I say, “If you wake up tonight and think that there is someone walking around in your apartment, don’t worry, it will just be me getting a drink of water.”

(3) I am looking out the window of my apartment. At the end of the building there is a broad highway with traffic, and then a railroad track. I hear a man shout, “We know what to do with trains.” A long series of train cars approaches, down a gentle grade, pulled by a mid-sized, early 2000ish sedan. Just past my window it stops, and the sedan backs the cars up a ways, and then detaches them and drives away. A workman walks over and begins repairing the track. But now another train approaches and rams into the original cars. Some are turned across the tracks, some are thrown into the ditch, and some are pushed onto the highway.  trains keep coming.  They are piling up onto each other, but none gets past the workman. He is now standing on a mound of dirt and asphalt that has been heaped up, continuing his work as if nothing that is happening is a problem for him. Now autos on the highway are also being pushed around. Some drivers are trying to drive out of the mess, but there is nowhere that they can go.

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