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Bundy Libertarianism

January 7, 2016

[Update 1-12-16:  Local stakeholders’ historical context.]

(Delusion and ulterior motives aside, somewhat) it looks to me as though, in a nutshell, this is what the Occupation of Malheur is all about:

The Bundys are trying to establish their libertarian ideal state, Bundyland, within which no one can tell a Bundy what he cannot do. They simply want to be left alone to prosper there.

The U S government keeps trying to tell Bundys that they cannot do something on their own land (or adjoining land).

The Bundys believe that everybody who is qualified should live the way they are trying to live (people of Original or African descent, for instance, likely are not qualified).

Their view and behavior might seem bizarre, to those of us who don’t live in the wild west (which, after all, the Bundys have tamed); but if we lived in Bundyland it would make perfect sense. We are unfortunate; but they don’t want to bother us, so why should we bother them?

The Bundys have called for like-minded, armed and camouflaged Americans from everywhere (Arizona, Michigan, France, Uzbekistan) to join them in forcing the U S government crusaders to recognize the autonomous region of Bundyland and leave them alone. (Unlike IS, they are not on a divine mission to drive out the crusaders, purify the entire world, and establish His kingdom. Are they? I don’t know to what extent prophecy and End Times are included in their vision of the good life for themselves.)

(I have trouble keeping my sense of humor in check, and unfortunately I’m now reading the McCants book on ISIS {rev. here}—I don’t try to hide my bias; but sérieusement, I think that this “libertarian” thing is what they’re all about: a radical political individualism, according to which, national gov protects us from foreigners, state gov helps facilitate commerce, local gov controls criminal types, religion teaches morality and the blessed afterlife, and on our own property we can do as we please to try to live like kings. A man’s ranch is his castle.  Every man is an island, or wild life preserve.)

[Update 1-6:  Here’s an article in Huffpost that proposes to help with understanding the relationship between the political views and fundamentalist religious views shared by the Bundy’s, including religious restrictions on actions by governmen—and what someone might do when gov violates those restrictions.]

Suddenly I’m remembering, too, how breathing is an embodiment and enactment of an archetypal image of soul, with its yin and yang.

Anyway, here’s a case that’s more interesting than the Malheur Occupation (unless the Bundys freak out).

{Update 1-11: Wild West Report: A small band of well-fed, armed, fundamentalist insurgents calling themselves Ansar-al-Bundy (formerly “Idaho Guys with Guns”) has slipped across the border into Malheur province of eastern Oregon state. Whether they can accurately imagine the potential effects of their paranoia on human life is unknown.}

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