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Dream 1-1-16

January 1, 2016

The Apache people, and the Comanche, were going to celebrate the beginning of the new year in their usual way of the men carrying off their women. A man would walk up to a woman, bend over and grab her around the waste, straighten back up with her over his shoulder, feet in the air pointing ahead of him, and walk around carrying her that way.

However, this morning the women didn’t want to do that anymore. So they told the men that they would do it one last time; and then the women set about inventing a new ceremony.  A new focus.

[Apologies. Don’t ask. But btw, in case you haven’t read Leslie Marmon’s Silko’s Ceremony (1977)—it’s one of the great American novels. While I’m at it, another is Toni Morrison’s Beloved (1987). It’s good to get the year going with mention of them.]

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