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Diary 1-1-16

January 1, 2016

So, Dear Diary – here we are, on the first day of a crucial year, hoping for the best, expecting the unexpected, hoping that the worst won’t entirely surprise us. Am I optimistic? Uncharacteristically, not so much. A dark force is with us. That is, against us.

Or maybe it’s just that I’m old. Maybe my congenitally optimistic hormones are finally beginning to lose their grip.

But it isn’t just the insanity of the death-worshipping ego-centrism of ISIS. It’s also the insane ego-centrism of our money-worshipping billionaires (would Allen have believed the humongous size to which they’ve inflated Mammon?). And it’s the insane ego-centrism of the ignorant, racist, fear-filled tea partiers who support the billionaires’ candidates.

Can we mobilize enough voters who are knowledgeable, or at least humane, to illumine this dark night of our democracy? I believe that Bernie can do it, if the Democratic establishment doesn’t prevent him. But that’s a DLC apparatus that, we now know, was originally funded in part by the Koch Bros (NLC). So can Hillary, if she’s the nominee, inspire a large enough turnout of voters; and if she is elected, will she have the vision to make the necessary reforms?

We’re on our way to finding out, and the ride is going to be a rough one.

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