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Diary 12-26-15

December 26, 2015

Dear Diary – ‘Tis the day after Christmas (hope you had a merry one) and all through the family we’re too full to stir. We’re really lucky at this moment, all health and happiness. I don’t mean paradisiacal, I just mean we’ve pretty much got our health and we enjoy each other’s company. Chr eve at N&K’s (with chef K), 13 humans plus an elderly PT water dog and a young pug, then Chr day après-midi, chez moi (a d and a gd cooking), adding a couple of friends.

At this moment, though not in a lot of earlier moments, we’re a family that is financially secure, in an enjoyable, middleclass lifestyle. In other words we’re a threatened, maybe endangered, species.

Another thing about us, that maybe is a bit strange, maybe not, is that we’re agreeable about religion, and our political positions range all the way from Left to More Left. So we’re not fearful, although we sometimes feel a bit embattled, because we do fear for the poor and for our democracy.

So we’re in something like a poem, Frost’s “momentary stay against confusion.” We believe, however, that the moment can be expanded in both time and space; and we welcome refugees.

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