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Trump Jumping into the Well?

December 23, 2015

This article on the history of the rare use of “schlonged” (spell check was completely puzzled) in politics made me think even more of what a special moment Trump has brought us. It isn’t often that the repressed id (using the term “loosely”) of machismo (American style) gets to come out and parade itself around for the general public; but at this moment it has its legitimizing champion on the field of (dis)honor.

PC cannot block his porn, giggles and snickers just encourage him.  He waves his flag for all to see, with its heraldic device, sur un champ d’or une tour noir à blond hasardé—like a schlock of black hair below the nez.

(I thought this would happen, but frankly I didn’t anticipate how much of it would be out in the open.  It takes a Trump, and a culture of demonizing a woman because she’s found guilty of being a woman.  But could i have guessed that a candidate would come forward to contribute such a grimly laughable image of the conjunction of two of our psychopathologies, sexism and racism.  Genital humiliation, anyone?  Genital mutilation?)

The “up” side of this freaky show is that, more than ever, this isn’t about Trump (although it will be, if we elect him President), it’s about the portion of us who are happy to have him as our mouth-piece.

As our author mentions in his “Preface” to the novel (maybe he hasn’t published that yet?) Mark Twain pointed out that an advantage of the episodic plot is that characters can suddenly disappear (sometimes pushed) down the well in the back yard. In the present plot, for instance, Walker seems to have taken the leap. Gone forever, one can only hope.

Now we get to see how long Trump can cavort around the rim before. . . . we push him in?  We’re telling us a lot about ourselves, and maybe ultimately we’ll thank him for that. Or maybe we’ll just forget him? This bloody episode is increasingly painful, but time has its way of healing, with its deep dark waters.

Update 2-18-16:  Hasn’t jumped yet, and hasn’t been pushed.  Time will tell (i.e. there’ll be a later update).

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