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Trump and Our Laughter

December 23, 2015

Here’s an excellent article on the psychology of America’s Trumpism: “What Do We Laugh at When We Laugh at Trump: Cruelty wrapped in irony is easier to swallow.”

It does seem to me that, like those earlier political clowns, Hitler and Mussolini, Trump says to his followers, and to any Americans who want to be cruel, or who cannot recognize the cruelty of their pleasurable acts because they are incapable of empathy, or who cannot admit their cruelty because they are cowards, that it is okay, even heroic, to inflict pain. And he shows them how to do it (and get away with it?).

Isn’t it an anodyne for their own pain? Isn’t it rooted in masochism? Doesn’t it suggest that such disempaths suffer from inability to connect with others? Aren’t there tears flowing deep within that laugh?

Am I giving them too much credit, as humans?

Trump is a sociopath. Maybe he’s a low-grade psychopath. But I don’t think my old friends on the Right are. I think their feelings have become so far lost in the fearful maze of disinformation that they dare not respond to the pain of others. To do so would be too painful for them to bear. They cannot feel, intuit, imagine their way out. We must tear down the walls of their prison.

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