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Diary 12-21-15

December 21, 2015

Dear Diary – These are indeed times that try our souls – not revolutionary times – who has the energy for that – just every-year-at-this-time times, winter times, that time of year when, by 2 in the afternoon the world is losing its color as if in an eclipse. By 3 the air feels both heavy and hollow. At 4 it feels dark. Life seems cut short. There should be “miles to go before I sleep,” but I don’t even have the energy to go out and feed the horse, if I had a horse.

At half after 4, only darkness at the window. No seeing beyond the glass. Well, there’s nobody out there anyway. No voices to be heard, even if the windows were open. Just a steady drone of the furnace pushing air. Old air.

The world seems ready for something.

A perfect night, for candles, meditation, and mulled wine.

Tomorrow we’ll have turned a tiny corner in the universe, around which the light is peeking.

An update, Dear Diary  –  Blue sky and bright sunshine all morning  –  partly cloudy through the afternoon  –  rain tonight

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