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Good Better Best

December 20, 2015

Bernie Sanders has been Bernie Sanders, the whole Bernie Sanders, and nothing but Bernie Sanders for so long that it’s the only thing he can be.

And it’s the best.

America is looking at the opportunity to have either its first woman president or its first Bernie Sanders president. Either one of those will be an historic breakthrough, and a wonderful thing. It’s hard to think of not grabbing the opportunity for a first woman president, but I believe that the times cry out for a Bernie Sanders. That’s the main thing in my mind.

We’ll have many woman presidents after the first (indeed a black woman president, and other firsts of our victories over sexism and racism), but how often does a Bernie Sanders come around?

Our first real mensch president.

[Update:  I’ll post another positive about Hillary later today (hard to find time for everything)

Actually, it’s turning out to be two pages:  “Hillary in the Lion’s Den” (begun earlier) and “a samurai sword.”].

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