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a samurai sword

December 20, 2015

After posting the page “Good Better Best” this morning, on which I updated my preference for Bernie to be the Dem nominee, I kept thinking about how impressive I thought Hillary was, in last night’s debate, and during that grilling about (supposedly) Benghazi; and I was thinking (now out loud) about how, if she’s the nominee, I’ll be very happy to vote for her for Pres. And why? The thought kept coming to mind that she has been through the fire, and more than one time. And then that image transformed into another, the making of the blade of a samurai sword, to be an extraordinarily hard (but not brittle), sharp, fearsome, beautiful piece of steel.

I think that, as candidate and then as President, Hillary Clinton now has what it takes to confront and vanquish whatever her opponent brings to the battle. And while she is highly experienced in foreign policy, the opponent who I believe most threatens our wellbeing is the current Republican Party, shills and soldiers of the oligarchic proto-fascists (American style) as well as of the run-of-the-mill racists and sexists. Hillary knows better than anyone who those people are, what they are, what they’re capable of; and she will not take their shit.

I prefer Bernie’s analysis and proposals for dealing with many problems, and I think he offers extraordinary sensitivity to people’s lives, clarity of vision, steadfastness of character, and courage of convictions. But a Hillary presidency would be a thing to behold.

Ah, “what immortal hand or eye…dare frame [the] fearful symmetry” of our tiger soul?

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