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Introducing: Allswell

December 15, 2015

I don’t yet know much about this place, because I ran across it just the other day, by sheer luck of the imagination, when I was thinking about some Republican candidates for the American Presidency.

I’m not even sure where it is, although a quick search gives me the impression that there is a town or city or province named “Allswell” in just about every state and country—I haven’t yet come across an entire country of that name, at least not one that is officially acknowledged by the United Nations.

I can tell you right away, though, that it is pretty much the opposite of the anarchic community, Larks! WA; in other words it’s much more like a lot of places with which we are familiar.

I can also tell you, because I just now heard it spoken, that in a debate in Allswell, a Republican Senator can say to the American people:

“Bottom line is we’re at war. They’re trying to come here to kill us all.”

I’ve also discovered already that:

A popular belief in Allswell is that the end of time draweth nigh, or at least fairly nigh—that’s God’s promise to His people, so you can bank on it—and that when it arrives, all will end well. It’s also rumored that Endswell is a future holy city on Mars.

Allswell is run almost exclusively by men.

Men in Allswell are so afraid of women that they use a variety of tactics to make them nearly invisible.

Women in Allswell are so afraid of men (and I don’t blame them) that they use a variety of tactics to make themselves nearly invisible.

[This place is fascinating.  I’ll continue my search (in the darks of me mind) for info.]

[Found it!  And just where I expected it to be.]

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