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Well That’s Fukt

December 14, 2015

Just so everybody knows, my basic position as narrator is that since we all feel pain, and we all imagine, constantly, and we all (with possibly a rare—I hope—neurological exception) see others feeling pain, we are all empathic creatures (which isn’t so unusual, among animal species at the least); that’s one of the best things about us, and it gives us hope for rehabilitation; but we are also capable of learning to block our empathy, when we’re taught to imagine that others don’t feel pain the way we feel pain, even when we are causing the pain, even especially when we are causing them pain. And that’s fukt.

I’m calling it learned disempathy, and these days some of our best teachers are Republican politicians. Major examples: Reagan, Bush 1 and 2 (and his crew), Trump, Cruz. Trump is selective about his teaching, picking his targets as it serves his electoral interest. We’ll see about Cruz, as he gets more opportunities in the classroom.

So our minds are going to get distracted from time to time by these disempaths, and that’s okay because life and minds are like that; but we don’t need them in order to be mindful; so we re-mind ourselves of our breathing, and send the best to all beings (even the rare—I hope—neurological exceptions).

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