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Trump Hitler-esque

December 12, 2015

Above all, Dear Reader, we must keep in mind that this sad and obsessive episode is not mainly about Trump, himself. We were right about him from the beginning. Trump is a malevolent clown, but a talented clown, a Clown Prince of Chaos (like The Joker, but a less sympathetic character, so that tells you something). His enablers, facilitators, and fans—above all his fans—have turned him into a psychological image of themselves, within themselves, an extreme expression of their extremely ambitious, or extremely thwarted, desires.

The logic is in the psyche; they desire to be, to live, to express themselves. Just for one shining moment (and then forever?), just to relax into being. And so do I. So do we all.

But in their hearts there moves a great shadow, a pathos, a rat that they must expel or be consumed by; they can feel it gnawing the darkness; and they don’t know how to expel it except by denying that it is there, by imagining that it lives outside themselves, in the hearts of others who are different from them, who wish them harm, but who can be exterminated.

Then, then, to relax in the glow of Allswell. America, Restored to Greatness, Exception Among Nations, America the Pure.

(What a horribly propitious time to have this job, narrating a nonfiction political novel about the psychopathologies of American democracy; but one must not shirk one’s duty.)

The author of this novel has told me how, over the last several years (even before I started thinking out loud in narrative form), he has thought that we were in danger of succumbing to fascism (American style); but whenever he mentioned it, people said, “Don’t even imagine it, you can’t go there, that’s Hitler, your comparison diminishes the horror of reality and dishonors the dead, Hitler was extraordinary, Nazi Germany was a totalitarian police state capable of unimaginable crimes against humanity.”

Actually, the author was thinking of Mussolini.

But now Trump is taking us there (even the Republican Establishment, finding the comparison useful to their political interests). I got this email from the poet, Peter Davis, who has done a lot of study of Hitler and the Nazis:

“i have thought many times in my life, how could the nazis do what they did, etc. ? it’s all so unbelievable. and then along comes donald trump and i think, whoa, maybe what made nazis popular is always under there, someone’s just gotta bring it up. the trump/ hitler comparisons are one of the very few times that when people compare someone to hitler, they’re right.”

Better believe it.

So now I have to “imagine that,” and I’d best not censor my imagination. Then I can hope for the best, and work to make it happen.

Will there be an “American style” Kristallnacht?

Brown Shirts? Who will they be? (Would they qualify as “domestic terrorists”?) (Maybe they’d be former confederate soldiers now in hoods.)

[Update 12-15: H used the Brownshirts (SA) to “protect” (from people such as these) his political rallies and disrupt those of his opponents, and then to create public chaos to undermine democracy (again I think of that Clown Prince of Chaos, The Joker).]

Sturmtrumpen (sic)?

Trump Youth? What form will that take?  [Update 7-25-17  I can still say by heart, almost (this time I left out friendly):  “A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful; friendly, courteous, kind; obedient, cheerful, thrifty; brave, clean, and reverent.” (The best way to memorize them is in those groups of three.)  Hair Trompf is none of the above!  The BSA has had the same problems of the psychopathologies of American democracy as we all have; but they have been making progress with reform, and they are not likely to become Trompf Youth.

We know that the Trompf Ego turns every occasion to speak to a group into a celebration of itself, but such speech could be relatively benign.  We must ask ourselves, what kind of politician and president would turn a traditional address to boys and young men (albeit, uniformed), traditionally as nonpolitical as the occasion itself (see link at end of this article), into a divisive, slime-covered, political harangue?  Once again, Hair Trompf has disgraced the office of the Presidency.

Who will be the Trump enablers in our current government?  [7-17  OMG, haven’t they all?!]

What party will be his instrument of ascendency? [Like I said.] Which Republican politicians will support his candidacy when he has their party’s nomination? Or when he forms his own party—the Trump for Americans party?

Will Cruz bend his own apocalyptic, messianic ambition, in obeisance to The Trump (and Trump will insist)? Btw, I consider Cruz a greater threat to our democracy than Trump. Trump is an amateur who believes in himself; but Cruz is a True Believer with a messianic, apocalyptic vision of himself.

Who will be his military-industrialist financiers? Will the Koch Bros (NLC) and others among the hereditary aristocracy, or the nouveau riche, reach a rapprochement with the federal administration of Trump Enterprises? Will he increase the use of fossil fuels?

What countries will he invade? Is the desert large enough for perpetual warfare, or will he need a war in the Pacific? Or: “The Arctic War”?

Who will be his Minister for Propaganda? On what channel? What radio programs? [7-17 Scaramucci, maybe?  As Director of WH Communications he begins the purge against the enemies of purity and totality of control, the Dread Leakers.  “There are leakers everywhere.”  Yes, Being leaks like a sieve,d called change.]

How long will The Trump tolerate an opposition party? How long will The Trump allow Americans to entertain the fantasy of being a democracy? (I don’t believe that fascism, even American style, can tolerate democracy for long. Fascism puts a premium on total control.)

How long before The Trump disarms and disbands the NRA? How long will The Trump allow a fully armed citizenry, when, after all, civilian armament is silly and disruptive in Allswell?

Who are the fukk-ups who brought us to this extreme fukk-uppery, gullibility,  desperation, and waste of life?

And since we’re talking about learned disempathy, what are the similarities between Donald’s parents, Adolph’s, and parents on the American Right?

I keep seeing the three-year-old Narcissus, throwing a tantrum if someone doesn’t love him well enough, or the thirteen-year-old, dancing a jig in his jack boots.

So, who will they come for next?  [The most vulnerable, of course!  in 7-17 it’s both immigrants (illegal animals) and transgendered persons, incl SEALs.  (But why would he, or any unscrupulous Hitler-esque politician, do something like that?]

Who knows?  [7-17 “The Shadow knows,” and shows.]

Pick a target, any target.

But I want to say again, because it’s so important:  this isn’t primarily about Trump and this isn’t about Hitler, it’s about us; Trump is not Hitler; but Peter Davis is right, he’s like Hitler in ways that bring out and express the worst in us, and he might act out the worst in us, if we give him the chance.

Meanwhile, follow your breathing; and while we’re breathing, let’s work on differentiating (not isolating) each of our toes, and then coordinating.

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